Fuel Injector Springs

Force Technology designs fuel injector springs to achieve multi-billion cycles and more than 20,000 hours use in the most aggressive environments.

The Force Technology team has unrivalled experience in the design and manufacture of fuel injector springs. We have worked in partnership with the leading medium & heavy diesel fuel injector spring designers and original equipment manufacturers for over 30 years supplying injection springs for high speed rail engines and the world’s largest cruise liners.


We work closely with our customers to become a fully integrated extension of their fuel injector spring design team.

All the parts are manufactured on site at the factory in Blackpool in the north west of England and parts are delivered globally.

We use the world’s best materials including valve quality grades of silicon chrome alloys with the addition of vanadium, nickel and molybdenum for high tensile and ultra-high tensile. Valve grade materials are available in superclean, eddy current tested and shaved options.

We can supply delivery valve springs and control valve springs down to 0.25mm wire diameter and plunger springs up to 19.0mm wire diameter, whist offering injection nozzle springs with mean diameter to wire diameter indexes down to 2.7 to 1 in 14.0mm diameter high tensile Si Cr wire.

All parts are processed with very close attention to detail and to ensure the optimum in surface residual stress. All our injector springs are shot peening to the highest standards and we can offer hot-prestressing and nitriding for the ultimate in performance and high fatigue.

Most of our products go through customer validation and we are very familiar with the requirements of PPAP. We can also offer in-house fatigue testing to 10 million cycles for most applications.

Medium and heavy diesel applications for:

  • Marine Power
  • Locomotive Engines
  • Power Generation
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Off Highway & Construction Equipment
  • Mining Machinery
  • 4 Stroke & 2 Stroke
  • Diesel, Oil, Dual Fuel and Gas Fuels

Force Technology focuses on technical excellence and is one of Europe’s most technically advanced and innovative engine valve and fuel injector spring manufacturers.

The technical team continues to develop advanced spring engineering solutions to ensure:

  • reduced component wear
  • higher engine speeds
  • improved performance
  • improved fuel consumption
  • lower emissions
  • maximised fatigue life

Supplying many different types on fuel injectors from Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI), Mechanical Unit Injectors (MUI) to Common Rail Systems with:

  • Nozzle Springs
  • Plunger Springs
  • Check Valve Springs
  • Flow Valve Springs
  • Tappet Springs

Advanced Damping Design Methodology:

We use the World’s best spring materials:

  • Silicon Chrome Valve Quality Spring Wire
  • Silicon Chrome Vanadium High Tensile Spring Wire
  • SiCr V +Nickel Ultra High Tensile Spring Wire
  • Superclean Raw Rod
  • Shaved & Peeled Surface Quality Spring Wire
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Round, Shaped and Ovate Sections Spring Wire

Spring Surface Finishes Include:

Special End Coil Finishing:

  • Chamfer Inside Diameter
  • Chamfer Outside
  • Rounded and Squared End Coils
  • Chamfering of End Coils

Advanced Spring Design Services

  • Advanced Spring Material Selection
  • 3D Spring Calculations
  • Spring Maximum Stress and Stress Range Calculation
  • Spring Fatigue and Spring Goodman Diagrams
  • Spring Relaxation Prediction

Meeting the demands of the modern engine environment

  • Common Rail Applications
  • High Pressure Fuel Environments
  • Efficient Spring Damping Technology

Metallurgical services:

  • Spring Failure Analysis Service
  • Digital Microscopy
  • Scanning Electron Microscope SEM
  • Micro-hardness Testing
  • Microstructure Review
  • Root Cause Failure Reporting Service