Force Technology has world-leading experience in ensuring that a spring will work effectively in high performance applications where failure is not an option.

Force Technology is a solutions provider. We offer much more than just “make to print”. Our design services include, integrated spring design partnerships with our customers; 3D and FEA finite element analysis of springs, damping technology solutions and expertise in very high cycle applications.

Our manufacturing technology services and solutions include pitch profile technology; advanced coiling and grinding technologies; automated hot pre-stressing; expertise in surface residual stress optimisation.

We have our own technical laboratory and our services include failure analysis and metallurgical analysis, with advanced equipment including digital microscopes and a scanning electron microscope.

Our testing facilities are comprehensive. Our testing support services include spin rig testing; engine head testing; engine dynamic testing; engine durability testing; fuel pump dynamic testing; cleanliness testing; natural frequency testing and fatigue testing to ten million cycles.

We have been working in the field of R&D in association with many different universities and technical experts. Our advanced research projects include optimisation of surface finishing processes and analysis of light-weighting materials including titanium alloys, composites and polymer materials.

The spring service areas include spring design, spring optimisation, spring metallurgical and failure analysis service, and spring component testing.

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Dynamic Spring Design Optimisation

Metallurgical and Failure Analysis Service

Component Testing