Steering Springs

Force Technology focuses on technical excellence and is one of Europe’s most technically advanced and innovative steering spring manufacturers.


We offer repeatable and precision loading for consistent friction levels and consistent feel.

All the parts are manufactured on site at the factory in Blackpool in the north west of England and parts are delivered globally.

We use the world’s best materials including high tensile carbon steels, music wires (M4 and M5), 301 17/7 PH stainless steel and valve quality grades of silicon chrome alloys with the addition of vanadium, nickel and molybdenum for high tensile and ultra-high tensile. Valve grade materials are available in superclean, eddy current tested and shaved options.

All parts are processed with very close attention to detail and to ensure the optimum in surface residual stress. We offer end grinding, shot peening, pre-stressing and hot pre-stressing for the ultimate in performance and fatigue.

Most of our products go through customer validation and we are very familiar with the requirements of PPAP. We can also offer in-house fatigue snf relaxation testing to 10 million cycles for most applications.

Steering wheel system spring end applications include:

  • Motorsport
  • Passenger Car
  • Supercar
  • Premier Automotive
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Truck and Bus
  • Off Highway Equipment
  • Yellow Plant Equipment
  • Military Vehicles

The technical team continues to develop advanced engineering solutions to ensure all steering coil & wheel springs have:

  • maximised spring force in reduced space envelope
  • optimised surface residual stresses for improved spring performance
  • effective coatings for longer corrosion proofing
  • reduced stresses for longer spring fatigue life
  • improved tolerances and batch repeatability for better consistency