Environmental Policy


Force Technology Ltd recognises its responsibility to conduct operations, provide services and manufacture products in a manner that is responsible to the Earth’s environment and protective of its natural resources and to this end has established the following Environmental Policy:

It is the Company’s policy to:-

  • Comply with current and any future environmental legislation.
  • Be committed to continual improvement of our environmental impacts and prevention of pollution.
  • Endeavour to reduce and minimise pollution from the Company’s activities.
  • Seek to use sustainable raw materials sources whenever practicable.
  • Periodically review the environmental performance of the Company with the aim of improvement.
  • Actively liaise with, and encourage, suppliers to develop environmentally friendly materials thus conserving natural resources.
  • Promote to Customers the positive benefits that improved environmental performance can have on their competitiveness in the marketplace.
  • Make our staff aware of this policy and their obligations.
  • Receive, document and respond to relevant communications from external interested parties.
  • Make this policy publicly available.