Spring Manufacturers

Force Technology is one of the most advanced technical spring producers in Europe. The company produces high precision, capable, repeatable and reliable parts for global manufacturers time and time again.

Our formula of using the best people combined with the most advanced equipment & processes supported with sophisticated business systems is second to none.

Standardised business and quality systems allow us to produce bespoke parts from 1 part to many millions of pieces that are “right first time, every time”. In addition, our sophisticated logistics systems manage many thousands of parts a month delivered to global customers on time in full.

Our optimised and validated surface finishing processes, including the latest technology in spring shot peening, micro peening and micro polishing, result in increased fatigue life by improving the compressive surface residual stresses.

Our team has been designing and manufacturing high speed and high revving engine valve springs for some of the world’s most demanding Motorsport applications for over two decades. We have worked with wide ranging Autosport engine valve spring applications ranging from World Rally Car, World Superbike to Le Mans 24, Nascar and Historic F1.

Why fit your high-speed application with an off the shelf stock spring when we can design the bespoke engine valve spring solution optimised to your needs?

We work with many Original Equipment manufacturers, supplying engine valve springs to some of the world’s fastest supercars, high speed rail engines and the largest cruise liners.

Our valve springs are also used by world championship winning race teams and to set motorcycle world records.

All the parts are manufactured on site at the factory in Blackpool in the north west of England and parts are delivered globally.

We use the world’s best materials including valve quality grades of silicon chrome alloys with the addition of vanadium, nickel and molybdenum for high tensile and ultra-high tensile. Valve grade materials are available in superclean, eddy current tested and shaved options.

All parts are processed with very close attention to detail and to ensure the optimum in surface residual stress. All our valve springs are shot peening to the highest standards and we can offer hot pre-stressing and nitriding for the ultimate in performance and high fatigue.

For the most advanced valve spring applications we can also offer end coil detailing, part identification marking, micro peening and super polishing.