“It only takes slight improvements to ensure the best results”

That is Force Technology’s approach to optimisation of its high performance beehive engine valve springs. Using the latest in design, materials and processing technology the company goes the extra mile to ensure the absolute best is achieved. There is no compromise!

The process starts with design. The spring is designed to maintain control by keeping the valve in contact with the head and avoid coil surge in free revving environment.The spring designer’s problems are typically exacerbated by the high turbo boost pressures requiring high spring seat pressures.

Introducing a reduced end coil, or beehive shapeto the spring, allows for a lighter valve retainer and hence lower moving mass from the valve train system. The reduced end also helps to improve the damping properties, by altering the natural frequency during the compression cycle, reducing resonance. The latest in 3D design and finite element analysis is used to ensure the design is optimised.

Other improvements come from using the latest material technologies. For many years Silicon Chrome Vanadium (SiCrV) high tensile materials have been available. Now with the addition of alloys such as Nickel (Ni), Molybdenum (Mo) and Tungsten (W), ultra high tensile materials are available for the ultimate in fatigue life and relaxation performance. Processes such as shaving of the surface and the use of super clean raw rod, with low non metallic inclusion levels near the surface, ensure the best possible quality of materials.

During processing, every aspect is reviewed, ensuring the surface residual stress of the springs is maximised to give the best results. Advanced processes such as Nitriding, Shot Peening, Micro Peening and Super Polishing are all worked into the formula.

Finally, every part is individually inspected to ensure the physical characteristics fully match the specifications. Painstaking visual checks are also carried out to remove the risk of the minutest of imperfections on the surface, before packing and shipping to the customer.

To guarantee the winning formula contact Force Technology the Solution Providers at sales@forcetechnology.co.uk