Hydraulic Springs

Force Technology focuses on technical excellence, aiming to be one of Europe’s most technically advanced and innovative compression spring manufacturers.

Batch repeatability, precision tolerancing and product cleanliness.

hydraulics-image-aForce Technology’s design engineers have worked with many of Europe’s main hydraulic companies over last 30 years, as the “go to” resource for spring design and technical support.

Hydraulic and Fluid Power Spring end applications include:

  • Construction Vehicles
  • Off Highway Vehicles
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Military Vehicles
  • Mining Equipment

Our technical team continues to develop advanced engineering solutions to ensure:

  • maximised force in reduced space envelope
  • optimised surface residual stresses for improved performance
  • effective coatings for longer corrosion proofing
  • reduced stresses for longer fatigue life
  • improved tolerances and batch repeatability for better consistency